• Alexandra Petropoulos

How Did We Nazi This Coming?

It feels untrue to myself to be so flippant and light-hearted when in fact my heart feels like lead: but how did we Nazi see this coming? (‘Sweet pun.’ Thanks.)

Every day I wake up to find that little more hate and violence has crept into the world. And every day I get a little bit more upset about it. We all tweet memes and silly puns, and yet despite our best efforts the world seems to descend further into a dark pit of horror filled with misanthropy and vicious dreams of power.

Will we one day wake up and find ourselves in a world that is so backwards and hate-filled that even George Orwell would say ‘I did not see that coming’?

Of course not. That would be ridiculous. This isn’t something that happens overnight.

The events that have led up to this weekend have been overlooked in a jaded sense of denial by the masses. It’s been months of saying ‘these are isolated events,’ years of ‘that only happens somewhere else,’ until one day we find we’ve accidentally sold the deed to our soul while we were busy watching TV.

On Friday, there was a protest of white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia. On Saturday protests continued, and one of the protesters drove into a crowd of counterprotesters, killing one woman. Throughout, these white nationalists flew their racist agenda loud and proud: swastikas, confederate flags, and racial slurs abounded.

We are literally watching our ‘civilised’ Western world descend into chaos and terror, and our leaders are failing us. Trump did not denounce the rampant racism of the weekend as he addressed the nation. But that shouldn’t surprise us. It’s no secret that he rose to power off the backs of those racists. His biggest supporters were the so-called ‘alt-right’, which is just a thinly-veiled attempt to rebrand the term Nazi, which got such a bad rep in the 40s. But even that spin has fallen to the side in favour of unabashedly and blatantly embracing Nazi terminology and symbology. We should be ashamed we’ve allowed them to become so brazen.

Of course, during the election, the left were shocked and shouted over Twitter. It even managed the Women’s March – an impressive display of protest across the world… for one day. And on Jan 22, while we sat congratulating ourselves on a job well done, the world seemed to yawn and roll over and we let it fall back asleep.

It’s easy to get on with your life and say ‘I’ve done all I can do as an individual’ after sending out that cutting, yet cunning social post, but fuck that. Where are our protests? Where are our outraged masses? Where’s our utter refusal to accept the path we appear to headed down? We need to be out in the streets until the world’s leaders can’t ignore us any longer! To do anything else is complicit acceptance that the status quo is annoying but not worth missing drinks with your friends for. And that is exactly how we’ll end up in our very own dystopian nightmare.

Perfect. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’m going to go catch up on some iPlayer…