• Alexandra Petropoulos

A Tale of Two Sitis

Considering that my last post, which mentioned I would be generating more content, appeared in January (IT'S NOW MAY, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??), 2020 is off on to great start. I mean there has been this whole pandemic thing...

Isn't it funny that in the middle of one the most psychologically stressful periods of our lifetime, we find it easy to beat ourselves up for not being more creative? But more on that later – or maybe not. That's cool too.

For now, I've been meaning to post an article that I recently wrote for Songlines magazine about Zanzibar's Siti Muharam, who is carrying on the taraab legacy of her great-grandmother Siti Binti Saad. The music is top notch and the story behind it is fascinating.

Read the article here and head over to Bandcamp to support the music (musicians need it more than ever right now!).

And if you want to read more, check out my portfolio here.